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A web site - with NO KEESHONDS!! [Oct. 5th, 2007|12:02 am]


You can imagine how sad I was to be sent this web site by a friend who thought it was cute. No matter how hard or long I looked, I could not find a single picture of a keeshond.

Not a puppy, not an adult dog, nada not a single one.

This problem needs to be corrected!!!

Here is the link to the web site --

And here are the rules for submissions.

We look for...

photos without people in them

professional-quality portraits of puppies

photos taken in natural light without flash

large, high-resolution, sharply focused images

photos from digital cameras, not scanners or cell phones

unaltered images without Photoshopping or special effects

images at least 1000 pixels wide (over 2000 pixels wide preferred)

uncluttered, solid-color backgrounds with very little texture or pattern

puppies that are not wearing clothing or accessories (unless clearly for warmth)

close-up pictures taken at eye level (with the puppy not looking up at the camera)


Please send a minimum of 8 puppy photos or 8 grown-up puppy photos
(each at least 1000 pixels wide) to submissions@dailypuppy.com

The more photos you send, the greater the chance of being accepted

In the subject line put:
- the puppy's name
- the puppy's age(s) in the photos
- the puppy's breed(s)

In the body of the e-mail put:
- your name
- your relationship to the puppy
- where the puppy lives (country is required; city or state/province is optional)
- a paragraph about the puppy
- the photos

Please do not send photos in a photo album of any kind; zip files are acceptable

Many e-mail programs limit the size of files that can be sent, so you may have to send multiple e-mails with just one or two photos per e-mail

We regret that we can no longer acknowledge or respond to every submission

We will contact you if your submission is accepted or if we want to see more


Terms of Use: By submitting photo(s) to the Daily Puppy, the sender certifies that the sender owns the copyright to the photo(s) and agrees to grant the editors of the Daily Puppy nonexclusive, worldwide, royalty-free publishing rights of all submitted photos, images, and text in perpetuity. The Daily Puppy reserves the right to alter photos prior to or subsequent to publication. The Daily Puppy reserves the right to publish or remove from publication any photos submitted to the Daily Puppy at any time. The Daily Puppy reserves the right to edit all text copy submitted for publication.


Privacy Policy: The Daily Puppy does not provide readers' e-mail addresses or personal information to third parties for any reason

Ok people, lets get out there and show the world that nothing is cuter than a keeshond!

This is what Byron thinks of web sites with no Keeshonds on them!!!!!!